dear coca cola company,

i drank some of your POWERADE drink and im still weak as fuck when will the power begin to kick in? please reply soon, i just sent a mass text to my entire school saying i would beat up the football team this friday


London, Islington Powerhouse gig. Early 90’s.

i was going to keep it simple but then i realised it’s been over a year since i did digital shading like this! i don’t have a tablet anymore so correction lining is my saviour




what does html stand for?

hypertext markup language

no i mean like, what does it believe in?




if I had to pick two internet personalities to have as parents I would pick dril and critikal

attending a parent-teacher conference for my bullshit son, I hopp up on her desk whenever she tries to speak. i will not be held accountable for the failings of my dickspawn

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i made a really good iced coffee from my mum’s coffee machine today BUT a) i was trying to make a hot coffee and b) the coffee machine is not supposed, or able, to make iced coffee

last night i met my mum’s best friend’s new puppy



babies are so cute and dumb aww they have only like 3 skills its adorable 

talking, breathing, archery (lv26)

Crowded House - World Where You Live

World Where You Live | Crowded House